Elitech ILD-200 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector HVAC Halogen Gas AC Sniffer




About this item

  • INFRARED SENSOR: With the latest and most innovative infrared sensor, its sensor life extends enormously for a maximum of 10 years without false alarms. It detects all halogenated refrigerants much more precisely than traditional corona sensors and moderate heat-diode sensors.
  • SELECTED SENSITIVITY: 3 Selectable Sensitivity Levels -High/Medium/Low; With a maximum sensitivity up to 0.14oz/yr, 4g/yr.
  • TFT SCREEN: The world’s first TFT screen advanced leak detector animates leakage, sensitivity, battery levels and sensor faulty indicators and presents more clear and easy readings.
  • RESET & PEAK & MUTE & HEADPHONE PLUG: Automatic reset within 3s, peak button for marking the maximum leakage value,  alarms can be mute, support connecting to headphone so alarms can be heard even in a noise work spot.
  • FREE RETURN OR EXCHANGE WITHIN 3 MONTHS: It meets EN14624, SAE-162, SAE-2791 and SAE-2913 standards. 24/7 US Technician Support via Email and Phone.


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