Mechanical Carpenter Pencils Set with 39 Pcs Refills, Center Punch, Carbide Scribe Tool




About this item

  • Mechanical Carpenter Pencils Set: This carpenter pencils set has 3 woodworking drawing pencils, 2 of them are deep hole woodworking pencils with built in sharpener and 26pcs 2.8mm HB solid refills, 1 of them are woodworking marking pencil with 13pcs 2.0mm HB solid refills. there are also carbide scribe tool, center punch, eraser.
  • Mechanical Pencils for Woodworking: The tip of deep hole carpenter pencils is 45mm. It came with a built in sharpener, screwed into the press button, twist the press button to remove or retract the sharpener, the cap is not easy to fall off.convenient to use. The pencils all allow to push the button to release the lead and push it back into the barrel.
  • Solid Refills: The cases for the 36Pcs colorful refills are sturdy and well built. total is 39Pcs HB colorful refills. The refills material are not very soft but strong. it won’t break every time you try to mark up. leads are thick and sturdy without degrading quickly as per a standard pencil.
  • Automatic Center Punch: Center punches are a necessity for accurate drilling applications to mark the point and allow drill bit tip to align to the marked area. Adjustable impact spring-loaded puncher tool, you can simply screw the cap in both clockwise and counter clockwise positions to adjust the amount of depth the punches will create.
  • Metal Carbide Scribe Tool: The scriber has a durable tungsten carbide tip and an aluminum body, so it can easily handle hard materials including etching engraving pen for glass, wood, steel plates, concrete, etc. came with a protective vinyl cap over the scriber tip.
  • The construction pencils with clip design, it can be easily hung in the pocket, easy to carry.
  • Good Deep Hole Carpenter Pencil Set: This is a handy set of pencils, that are ideal for any professional or DIYer.
  • Widely Applicable: The carpenter tool kit are wide applied for construction, automotive, glass window breaker, bowl, drawing on metal, plastic, glass, wood and paper.


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