Premium Luxury Gold Women Facial Skin Care Set (7Pcs) Beauty & Personal Care




  • Korea Skin Care Set: Skin, Emulsion, Cream, Eye Cream, 3 Serum + 2 Sample
  • Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Skin: With appropriate mixture of gold powder(99.9% of purity) and phyto placenta extracts, it prevents the loss of moisture on skin and keeps moisturized condition for dried and tough skin to provide more refresh and vitalized skin.
  • Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Emulsion: Both phyto placenta and royal jelly extracts provide abundant nutritions to dried skin and relaxed and smooth feeling to form moisturized membrane on the skin so as to make you feel moisturized, refined and soft skin.
  • Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Lifting Cream: It is a wrinkle-improving functional cream that corrects the balance of loose skin with adenosine that gives elasticity to the skin and keeps the pure gold(99.9%) and phyto placenta extract moist for a long time.
  • It contains rich and balanced essential nutrition such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals Item descriptions.


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