Wera 056490 Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Set with Sockets – Metric




About this item

  • High quality low profile 1/4″ x 3.5″ oal. Ratchet is extremely strong capable of 48 ft. lbs. but has a return angle of 6°. With a bit installed ratchet is 1 1/8″ in high x 3/4″ wide. Great tool for compact spaces
  • 1/4″ Ergonomic screwdriver x 3″ oal. Has strong permanent magnet to securely hold and magnetize insert bits . Kit comes complete with 28 high quality bits and 7 metric sockets all held securely in a durable plastic belt case until needed.
  • Rapidaptor 1/4″ magnetic bit holder can hold insert or power bits. Can quickly be chucked into a cordless tool. Rapidaptor holds bits secure but patented design allows for quick bit changes.
  • Extra tough PH1 (1)
  • PH2 (3)
  • PH3 (1) Extra hard PZ1 (1) PZ2 (3) PZ3 (1) Tamper Torn
  • TX10


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